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Working On Your Business 
The Operating System for Your Future of Business

Struggling to Work On Your Business and Not In Your Business?

Business Strategy

Our Team of Partners specialising in business strategy, process, systems and support will guide you through the planning and implementation of your business operating system.

AI and  Automation

Business Automation is the Future of Business. Artificial Intelligence, and emerging technologies such as Automation can signficantly enhance your business capabilities.

Process Management

Business Process Mapping and Management is the key to systemising your business for future growth and resilience allowing you to work on your business not in your business.

Software Implementation

We provide software implementation and integration services to streamline your business, improve efficiencies and capabilities to setup your business for growth

The Working On Your Business Operating System


The Working On Your Business Operating System

It's no secret that a large percentage of our business community (Baby Boomers that's you!) are seeking people, systems and process management capabilities that will empower them for growth, prosperity, business resilience and future exit strategies.


Without strategic planning, astute systems, smart processes and competent people, the concept of "Working On Your Business" becomes increasingly difficult and almost impossible. 

Maxx Frontier will assist you to plan, implement, configure and support your Working On Your Business Operating System for your future of business resilience and growth.


Workforce Management Systems, Processes, and Support.

When you engage employees or contractors for your clients, project, or delivery team, the systems, processes, governance, and reporting can appear overwhelming and complex.

We leverage best-of-breed technology, highly engineered processes, professional service, and lots of love and attention to ensure the successful delivery of your contracting needs.

Future Thinking

Latest Articles and Guides

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Your Working On Your Business Operating System is critical to achieving future growth and resilience.

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